Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1.6.15 In uniform

My 19 year old daughter frequently tells me my clothes are "boring" - she calls them my "Mom uniform".

I will grant her that I do have a "style" (I like to think of it as classic, or timeless, rather than just boring) that is built around basic pieces - and my day to day outfits are frequently a polo or tee shirt, a cardigan (often but not always black, blue or grey), jeans or khakis, my favorite small hoop earrings and "mom" necklace and some flat shoes.

The fact of the matter is - I work primarily from home, I run errands, I do volunteer work.  Honestly, I don't need a wide ranging wardrobe - and I have plenty of things to wear to attend a client meeting or a dressier function.  Most days, it's just easier to simply pull out the same kind of clothes - especially if I'm getting dressed before I've had coffee.

Jewelry on the other hand - well - I've got so much that it takes up the entire top drawer of my dresser (with each item in its own small carefully labeled ziploc bag), and yet I tend to follow the same pattern as I do with my outfits...that's part of why I'm trying to blog daily about the jewelry I'm wearing.  If I don't change it up, nothing new to write about.

Photo credit: Coach Jewelry
Today's earrings are Coach mini snap bar hoops. A gift from my mother in law so long ago I don't even remember - it's probably been close to ten years.  I love them.  I wear them so often I never really put them away. 

They're only about 5/8"wide - but they are solid, incredibly comfortable, and go with darn near everything.  If you didn't know better - you might think they are the only pair I own - so that has to change (after today).
Along with these earrings, I frequently wear this necklace - one with a mix of silver and gold charms hanging on a simple chain.  All of the charms, with the exception of the Star of David (purchased in the summer of 1980 on a two week family trip to Israel) come from Cari Streeter's line - Jewelry by Cari.  There's a small yellow gold heart, a larger silver heart with a diamond, a tag that says "MOM" with a diamond for the "o", a shamrock (hidden in this picture) and a tiny tag that says "LOVE".

Because it's a favorite, a mix of gold and silver - and because I have far more earrings than necklaces - this is likely to continue to be in the rotation pretty frequently.

I discovered Cari's pieces (as I have many other things) at Russell Korman Jewelers.  In addition to her wonderful charms, Cari has rings, earrings, bracelets, pieces with gemstones - it's a truly wonderful artisan line.  I also love that when I contact her about having a piece customized she responds by saying "go buy it from them, and that way you are supporting two independent businesses at the same time". Beauty and generosity - I like that.

Other than a blog post, there not much on my agenda today, and like most days, I'm wearing my uniform - right down to my dogtag that says "MOM" - because that's who I am.

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