Monday, January 5, 2015

1.5.15 Ancient History

Today's earrings are from the Metropolitan Museum of Art .  The design is reminiscent of Greek boats, and very typical of the items in the museum's Hellenistic jewelry collection.  The earrings are gold vermeil, and the "boat" part is solid, which gives them a great feel when I wear them, but they are by no means heavy.

They are also "ancient" in the sense that I bought them more than 30 years ago - from the shop catalog.  I saw them in the glossy paper catalog, filled out the paper order form, wrote a check, and sent it back to the museum in a prepaid envelop. (Postage was sufficiently inexpensive that the vendor paid it for you as a way to encourage ordering).

I waited, and in a couple of weeks the box arrived in the US mail with my shiny new bauble. 

The basic design dates back to roughly 350 B.C. - proving once again, that great design is truly timeless.

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