Sunday, January 4, 2015

1.4.15 - Emerald cuts

I love emerald cuts - I find them to be the simplest and most elegant shapes for faceted stones.

Photo credit: Coach Jewelry
Photo Credit: Cecile Raley Designs
Today's sparklies come from Coach and Cecile Raley Designs.

I've been surprised by how much I like Coach's silver earrings - these, and a pair of small hoops, are among my favorites and most frequently worn.

The pendant comes from Yvonne Raley at Cecile Raley Designs - and it's one of several of her pieces in my jewelry box.  This is from her "Gotham" collection, inspired by the architecture of New York City.

Not only is her work spectacular (the pendant is engraved argentium silver with a champagne colored zircon) - but she is dream to work with, and so, so smart.  She started making jewelry as something of a hobby, and last year she LEFT ACADEMIA to become a full time jeweler.

Her blog,, is a great resource for learning about gems - sourcing, pricing, cuts and color - and custom jewelry.

Til next time...

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