Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1.20.15 Resisting the urge to go grey

In my wardrobe, that is.  My hair started going grey when I was in my 30s (I'm now in my 50s).  I fought it for a while, but honestly, I'd rather spend my mad money on jewelry than hair color - the jewelry lasts so much longer.

I was feeling pretty grey when I started working on this post.  The weather was gloomy, a longtime friend and client (part of my life in the public policy world) passed away recently - and very suddenly. When I reached into my drawer for a sweater, my first inclination was to pull out a grey or black one...but I didn't.  Instead I chose one that is a bright azure blue - in part because I figured I could write about it, and the jewelry I chose to go with it.  The good news is, today the sky is just about as blue as that sweater, although the weatherman says it won't last long.

As I predicted when I first posted about them, Jonathan's earrings are in heavy rotation - this time I picked the blue ones. They allowed me to give into the grey feelings, without letting them overwhelm me or my outfit.

I paired the earrings with a great beaded necklace that I purchased from a longtime friend who runs a four times a year pop-up boutique in Northern Virginia, called Chick's Picks by Hillary

Hillary seeks out great, creative women and gives them an outlet for their wares.  She holds her pop-up in HER HOME (which is beautiful - and she has an amazingly supportive family) and turns it into two floors of accessory shopping mecca - she also has a facebook page, and website with a sampling of wonderful items you can purchase anytime.

When I was there in March, a couple of years ago, I saw a short version of this necklace - and asked if the artist, Terresa, could make a longer version for me.  Hillary sent a quick message, the answer was yes, and in a couple of weeks I had this beautiful strand in my possession.

As with so many things - the photo doesn't capture the true beauty of the beads, but they are great shades of white, gold, seafoam and aqua - and I can never wear them without receiving lots of complements.

So for now, I'll take a case of the blues over greys.

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