Monday, November 7, 2016

11.07.16 Shop Local: Lea Smith Designs

Halloween is over.  Merchants, if they haven't already, are pulling out the winter holiday decorations, and folks are starting to think about gift giving!  To be honest, I think about it pretty much all year - because I have two kiddos with December birthdays, and eight nights of Hanukkah for all three of them - so if I waited, just wouldn't be pretty.

Last year I wrote about the wonderful, creative people I have gotten to know and work with at Creative Side (follow the link and read about them again), and this year, I'd like to add my fellow CSJA member and frequent benchmate, Lea - of Lea Smith Designs.

Lea and I are at opposite ends of the "mom-ing" adventure, my kiddos are all out of the house, and hers are little - but her "leap" into jewelry is motivated by the same things that lead me to set up my consulting business nearly twenty years ago...she wanted more flexibility and control over her own time.   She started her business just two years ago, and between developing her "modern bohemian" designs and doing custom work, she's up and running - and following her dream.

I've already shared the story of the petrified palm earrings I bought from Lea, before she'd even finished them - but I'd like to tell you a little more about her - and give you the chance to shop for yourselves!

I love her work - she uses great stones, and has a real eye for putting together pieces that catch your attention without being overwhelming.  This one of a kind bracelet - which she calls "Modern Magic" is a wonderful example of how she mixes complementary stones - in this case labradorite and amazonite - together.   The look great with the Zebra feather earrings, too.

Lea also designs beautiful necklaces and pendants that can be dressed up or down.  Her necklaces, such as the Omicient (shown above) or the Ocean Bell, (shown below) can be layered or worn on their own.

This post is just a small sample of the great stuff that Lea has on her website - and I encourage you spend some time perusing all her work with your shopping list in hand.

Until next time - remember to shop local!

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