Monday, November 28, 2016

11.28.16 Thankful

My mother in law's beautiful Thanksgiving table
Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We spent it at my mother in law's with all three of our children, and both our sons brought their girlfriends for the weekend.  It reminded me of all I have to be grateful for...

Let's start with my husband, who has supported and encouraged me for nearly 25 years.  Without him there would be no blog, no jewelry, no opportunity for me to make art and support the work of others.

My children, my daughter who will turn 21 in just a few days and my (step) sons, I've written about them before - I call them my "gift with purchase" for marrying their dad.  They are the source of limitless joy and pride, and have grown into some of the finest adults I know.

My mother in law, boy did I hit the jackpot.  Not only is she the best Mimi any kid could ask for, but she has been there for me - especially in the years since my own mother died.  She also puts out an amazing holiday meal year after year.

My friends, old and new, real life and virtual.  You have cheered me on, read my blog (almost 10,000 times), and bought my jewelry.

Creative Side - the staff, teachers and my fellow students and benchmates.  I learn something new every time I walk through the doors - and look forward to being at the bench for a long, long time.

I try to get up and count my blessings - which are so many - every day.  It seemed appropriate to take a moment and share my gratitude with all of you.

Until next time.

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