Saturday, September 17, 2016

09.19.16 Ooooh....pretty!

In case it's not obvious (or you haven't read some of my previous posts) - making jewelry has not diminished my appreciation for the work of others, nor has it improved my impulse control.

Photo credit: Lea Smith Designs
Earlier this summer I was sitting at the bench next to fellow Creative Side member Lea Smith, who was just getting started on a pair of earrings, made with great black and tan stones (which I later learned are petrified palm wood).

As she was sketching, I asked her "are those sold?"  When she said "no" I said I wanted them - she was happy to oblige (I paid for them, of course).

Photo credit: Lea Smith Designs

My earrings are a variation on one of her styles called "Sun Burst".  While mine are one of a kind, you can find an all silver pair of earring jackets with a similar "fringe" on her website.

I love them - and I've been wearing them a lot!  They are perfect with my favorite "neutral but never boring" transitional dress and clutch, which is in regular rotation right now when the calendar says "fall" but the weather still says "summer".

Dress: J Jill. Bag: Clare Vivier
Photo credit: Jewelry by Cari/
About the same time I snapped up Lea's earrings, another favorite jeweler - Cari Streeter - introduced a number of new pieces in her Jewelry by Cari line.

...and because you can NEVER have too many diamonds...I ordered this pair from Russell Korman.  I mean - what's better than new diamond earrings and being able to support two of my favorite jewelry business at one time!

They're only about an inch long and great everyday earrings...comfortable to wear with just a little bit of sparkle!

These two pairs, along with the glass poppies from Lunacy Glass, makes three in the past month or so - as is frequently the case.  I don't know why it happens that way,  but it does, I'll go months without buying anything, then all of a sudden...I see things I want and all my self control evaporates!

Earrings are my biggest weakness, but they don't go bad, take up much space, have no calories and they do make me really I keep adding to my collection. 

I hope you find things that make you happy, too.

Until next time.


  1. I find myself looking forward to your blog posts. They're thoughtful and amusing. I usually learn something and come away with a smile on my face. I have been wondering how you organize your earring collection? Another thing i wonder about, and i don't know what to do myself, is what to do when one of a pair of earrings breaks or gets lost? Finally, maybe you could talk some about parting ways with earrings. I find that over the years there are earrings that suited me well, but then 5, 10, or 15 years later, they don't. Does that happen to you, and what do you do?

    1. Janet - you have made my day! Those are great questions - and would make a wonderful blog post! Short answer to organizing - I put every piece of jewelry in its own small ziploc bag (I have several sizes from 2"x2" up) and put a label on it! I have an entire dresser drawer filled with jewelry!