Monday, February 2, 2015

2.2.14 Heart of Gold

Hello February!

How are y'all doing on your new year's resolutions?  I'm feeling pretty good about mine right now  - but I think it helps to have reasonable expectations of we can and cannot do.

As you may recall, writing for this blog on a regular basis was at at the top of my list. I really appreciate those of you who are reading (blogger stats tell me there are some of you out there), because you're keeping me accountable.  Along with writing, I have...
  • worn a lot more of my jewelry, something different almost every day;
  • taken a lost wax casting class and made a silver pendant (more about that in a future post);
  • stayed with my commitment to exercise;
  • started to clean out things I don't use - it's going, maybe not quite as well as the other things.
Photo credit: Madewell
Since it's February, I thought I'd start the month with hearts.  I love hearts and not just in the form of jewelry.  I saw this Madewell shirt and thought it was so cute - I asked my daughter about it and she said "Mom, I went through my hearts and flowers phase a few years ago".  Not me,  I have more than enough pieces of heart jewelry to get me all the way through this month, if I so choose.

I'm going to start with this pendant - the photos really don't do it justice.  This "Heart of Gold" was created by Al and Caroline of Beyond the Rockz Jewelers.

Photo credit: Beyond the Rockz

If you've been following the blog you will have notice that I often talk about the weight and feel of jewelry.  For me, a perfect piece has enough weight that you know it's there, but not so much that it isn't comfortable for all day.  This pendant has just the right amount of heft.  Almost like a heart shaped Möbius strip, the ribbon of gold flows seamlessly and hangs  beautifully on a simple chain.

So - for the next month, follow my hearts, and follow your own - as we make our way through winter towards spring (when I might blog about flower jewelry).
Photo credit: Beyond the Rockz
Until next time.

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