Wednesday, May 10, 2017

05.15.17 STATEment Jewelry

Texas is a big place. If you take a map of the continental US and fold it in half from California to the Carolinas, the Rio Grande Valley will reach into Canada.  If you fold the map in thirds, east and west of the state, one edge, or the other, will reach into the ocean on the opposite coast.

It is also full of proud people - even if we don't always see eye to eye on politics - there are LOTS of things we do agree on...including, but not limited to...

wildflowers (we love them), barbecue (it's all about the smoke and not the sauce), and chili (NO BEANS).

Because I love my adopted home state as much as the next Texan (hey, I've been here two-thirds of my life, and I'm married to a native) I decided to show some Lone Star love by using the shape in some of my jewelry.

I made little "Texas" charms out of PMC and fused them onto pendants.  Then, after I purchased my Green Lion saw, I started cutting the outline into the back of some pieces.  They were all a huge hit!

As it turns out, Texans are not alone in their state pride or their search for a piece of handcrafted jewelry to express it.

Recently, I've been thrilled to make pieces for friends from California and the state I grew up in, Virginia.

I love telling stories for friends and clients through custom pieces - please let me know if I can make a special piece to share your story.

Until next time.

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