Monday, March 27, 2017

03.27.16 Aw, shucks....

Last month, I walked into the Creative Side studio ready to get to work - and the staff stopped me, pointed to a certificate in an acrylic easel in the lobby and said "congratulations - you're our Golden Bench Award winner for February."

They put up this great post on Facebook, I received a gift certificate, but mostly, I got the warm fuzzies.

For years I worked from home - which was ideal when I was driving the mom bus - but there were a lot of days I didn't interact face to face with another person from the time I dropped kids off in the morning until I picked them up again after school.

Now that I'm no longer on the carpool team I have an extra 30 or so hours of free time each week - and I love spending that time at the studio. Not only do they have all the special tools and products I need (and would be a fortune to set up at home) it's wonderful to be around other people.  There's a great creative energy that happens when people share a workspace...I feel like I really found my place...

I love being able to spread out my stones, plan my pieces, and ask my benchmates what they think.  I appreciate their insights, suggestions, and encouragement as I work.

But mostly, I am grateful for all the wonderful people that have come into my life since I walked through the studio doors for the first time.

Photo credit: Hannah Wilson

Until next time.

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