Monday, January 30, 2017

01.30.17 Art Grabs Back

Emily Cawood - Art Grabs Back
Is anyone else's head spinning?  January just flew by - and the turmoil of the past 48 hours had kept me from thinking about anything other than the national news.

Even as I go about my routine - and put up a weekly blog post on - it's important to remember this is not normal.

Now more than ever - I believe art matters.

I have an especially talented friend who has launched a new FB page devoted to her political cartoons and other resistance art. It's called Art Grabs Back (I can take partial credit for the name). You should be following her.

Back at the bench - check out my Etsy store for the finished pieces

I'm been back at the bench - which is especially therapeutic.  Being able to create is a form of self care - which we all need for balance as we stand up to injustice.

I attended BlogathonATX over the weekend - it was incredibly informing and inspiring.  The blogging community has an important role to play in making people's voices heard. There will be a full post about that very soon...

I created a special pendant - also called Art Grabs Back - which I auctioned off on Instragram over the weekend.  It sold for more than $150 - and all the proceeds will be donated to civil and reproductive rights organizations.  I'm thinking about creating more pieces where a portion of the sale will support organizations working for social justice.

I also hit a milestone this month - I sold four pieces, and as a result covered all my studio and supply costs for the month! Not paying myself for my time - yet - but definitely getting there.

So, my apologies for this very short offering - but I'll be back with more soon.

Until next time.

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  1. I love your pieces. I have never seen any with a cut out in the back. It's like a secret little surprise. I know it takes a while to get sales going when you are in the business of selling your own wares, however, it sure is nice not to have to work in an office or a factory. Good luck!

    Lindsey @ Nosto