Monday, September 5, 2016

09.05.16 Glass in Bloom

I swore up, down and sideways that I wasn't going to buy any souvenirs at the Corning Museum other than my pendant - but their shop is GORGEOUS - and I totally caved.

There were plenty of things that didn't create a blip on my radar - but more than a few items caught my eye.

I resisted this t shirt - although I did take a picture - because I have these Pyrex nested mixing bowls (they were my mother in law's and she gave them to me years ago).   The green one is just the right size for Passover chicken salad, and the yellow one is perfect for letting challah rise overnight in the fridge.

I resisted the market full of blown glass "blooms" in pretty much every color of the rainbow...

but ultimately I could not resist a pair of poppy lamp work earrings and a book about the museum's collection.  I've been enjoying both my purchases since returning home.  I've worn the earrings a lot, and loving the book - which is kind of like a portable version of the 35 Centuries of Glass exhibit.
Photo credit: Lunacy Glass

I fell in love with the bright red flowers - they were in a locked case (of course, because I'm always drawn to the hand crafted - and more expensive - stuff) with a card that gave a little bit of information about the artist, Lucie Kovarova-Weir.

Everything in Lucie's display was red - poppies and strawberries - and I hemmed and hawed before settling on the earrings.

Photo credit: Lunacy Glass

Born in the Czech Republic, she is formally trained in animation, but transitioned to glass as a self taught artist.  She left the Czech Republic for Canada in 2001, and in 2002 she opened Lunacy Glass Studio (I love that name).  

Lucie's website says "Glass artist by day, gardener and a cook by night, living, working and raising family in an Eastern Ontario small town." 

Her work is fabulous - and I am not surprised that she has exhibited throughout North American and Europe - or that she is a featured artist in the Corning Museum shop.  I'm certainly delighted to have discovered her and found her website, Etsy shop and blog...and I imagine this won't be my last piece of Lunacy Glass jewelry.

Until next time.

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