Monday, August 22, 2016

08.22.16 Iconic

I am really excited about my "Love Note" pendant series - and have just begun to list finished pieces for sale in my Etsy shop.

As I've said before - the inspiration for the original heart pendant was my sister in law, who is a I went searching on the internet for a book template that I could use to cut out the back of hers.  It wasn't the first "story" I put on the back, though - that was the "Chem Lab" - the Erlenmeyer flask inspired by my daughter.

However, since I decided to start the Love Notes line - with varying icons on the back of the pieces (I expect I will repeat some of them) - I've found that I am looking at the world a little differently.  I  am constantly seeing shapes that I never really noticed before, and realizing they would be ideal icons for the backs of my pendants.

As I was sitting at the kitchen table a few weeks ago with my stones spread out in front of me,  I looked up and saw my cat sitting at the backdoor, asking to go out.  In that moment, it struck me that the pattern blue lace agate looked like tabby cat fur - and suddenly - I knew exactly what to put on the back of piece!

I started by cutting a cat silhouette out of a some card stock to see what it would look like - and I was right - it captured our fat tabby to a T!

I'm tickled with how the Fat Cat pendant turned out - although I think MoJo could care less, as long as I continue to make sure his bowls are full and he can come and go as he pleases.

Sawing through silver sheet - piercing is the metalsmithing term - is one of the first skills we worked on in my Fabrication 101 class.  It takes practice - and I wouldn't have wanted to attempt anything too detailed or complex at the beginning - but I have become quite comfortable with the saw, and love to see the story on the back of the pendant taking shape.

The cat, and one I've called "Rhapsody in Blue" - were the first two pendants I made with the intention of putting them up for sale.  I'm delighted to report that Rhapsody has already sold - and I had the loveliest note from the buyer.  So, stay tuned for more Love Notes and stories.

I won't be making just hearts - or even just pendants - but at least for a while, I think they will figure prominently in my bench work

Until next time.

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