Monday, August 1, 2016

08.01.16 Who knew...

when I decided to take a hiatus in July that it would be such a tough month for the world.

Fortunately, I was able to continue spending time in the jewelry studio - because it has become a place of peace and solace for me when current events become too much to bear.

In addition to the wax wire class I took at the end of June (posts on that starting next week), I've had time to work on more pieces to sell!

I ordered "jeweler" business cards (not to be confused with "blogger" business cards) and set up a Facebook page for my jewelry.

The banner photo shows the earrings I made in Ronda Coryell's class and almost immediately I had a request for a pair of the slumped leaf earrings.  Those were a big hit, as soon as I posted pictures, folks were asking for more.

I also had a half dozen dyed turquoise (I received them as a "bonus" with another order) - and some scalloped bezel wire that was really too narrow for all the cabochons I plan to use for pendants - and inspiration struck!  More earrings!


I made three pairs, posted them on Facebook and Instagram - and they were gone in a couple of days! (I thought I was pretty clever, too, punching holes in my cards for the earrings).

I've also started a series of pendants called Love Notes.   I received such a positive response to the heart pendant I made for my sister in law, that I am going to do more! 

In fact, my first one is complete -  a commission called "Hearts and Rainbows" made with a beautiful boulder opal.  It's for my friend who told me about the Aboriginal fable surrounding opals  - that they are rainbows sent to the earth as a message of peace and captured in the ground.
This week I'm doing a "trial run" on becoming a full time renter at Creative Side.  My original goal had been to start in January, but because the jewelry is selling, I'm pulling that timeline in.  I have a couple more Love Notes that I'm just about to finish and post in my Etsy shop, and another commission!

I'm excited about pushing myself to do new work and put it out in the world.  Watch this space for more hearts and stories soon.

Until next time.

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