Monday, February 29, 2016

02.29.16 Forward March

Photo credit: Tx Rockhound

Yikes!  How did it get to be (almost – if it weren’t a leap year) March!? 

Despite having lots of birthstone jewelry for my children, I don’t own any from this month – in which my husband was born – so I’m in process of resolving that situation…

I’m signed up to take the next installment of metalsmithing classes at Creative Side – Fabrication 201 – which includes setting a stone with corners.  So, in anticipation of that project, I’ve purchased a lovely triangular cabochon with an eye to making a pendant.

As with previous projects, I've done a little sketching.  With a nod to my husband, I'm going to call this one "lucky charm" and put a small heart on the reverse.  I'm still thinking about the bail...I've become very taken with them lately, as another way to take a necessary component and turn it into something a little more special and unique.

But I digress...aquamarine is a member of the beryl family (like emerald) and gets its name from its watery-blue color.  My stone - which was relatively inexpensive - shows inclusions and a fair amount of green color.  Stones used in fine jewelry are graded - like other precious gems - on color and clarity,  so must be bluer and inclusion free. An interesting aspect of aquamarine is that the blue color becomes more intense as the stone increases in size - which also results in much higher prices in large stones.

Photo credit: Cecile Raley Designs
A couple of my favorite jewelers - Yvonne Raley and Stephanie Maslow-Blackman have some lovely aquamarine pieces - and as always, if you are shopping for gifts for that March baby, I have a Pinterest board full of ideas.

Photo credit: Metalicious Jewelry
For now, watch this space for updates - photos of my aquamarine project, and other pieces from my upcoming classes will follow.

Until next time.

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