Monday, May 25, 2015

05.25.15 One is silver and the other is gold

You know the song, you sang it at Girl Scout camp, "make new friends, but keep the old"...despite passing the half century mark a couple of years ago, I refuse to refer to any of my friends as "old"; I prefer "long standing".  One of those long standing friends is a woman I met in high school, who runs an amazing business showcasing independent artisans.  Four times a year Hillary hosts "Chick's Picks" - a pop up boutique - in her GORGEOUS HOME! (shout out to her wonderful family who help make it possible)

I have been in the DC area and able to attend her spring show the past two years. I had hoped to go again this spring, but, alas, the stars did not align and I'm not going to make either show. Never one to let something as minor as geography slow her down, Hillary - in true friend fashion - and the Chicks sent the show (and a birthday wonderful gift) to me through Facebook (click through to see the video) and the US mail.

I got to choose two wooden bracelets from Amy Schilling's shop - Girls Day Out.  I've written about Amy's jewelry before (a previous purchase at Chick's Picks) but this time I had some decisions to make.

Amy's wooden beads, which are ideal for summer, come in a variety of fabulous colors.  I have two of her necklaces, and asked the Chicks for advice on choosing just two bracelets. Hillary recommended silver and gold (that's her lovely wrist in the photo to the left, and me below - with the bracelets, and my CP monogrammed phone case) - and I agreed that they are perfect together. 

As I said, I can't make it to the June CP show but if you are within driving distance of the DC area, I urge you to gas up and go.  And tell the Chicks I sent you.

Until next time.

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