Monday, March 23, 2015

3.23.15 Ain't she a druzy!?

Photo credit: Metalsgirl
So, what exactly IS a druzy?

The geological term "druse"  refers to very fine crystals that form on a fractured surface of a stone, giving it a sparkly appearance.  The website What is a Druzy? provides really good information on the features of these stones.

One of my favorite local jewelers, Laura Gibson of Metalsgirl recently posted this pink druzy ring, and wrote that's she's feeling a little "druzy obsessed".  It's not hard to see why...druzy stones are beautiful and generally affordable.  That's probably why they have been showing up everywhere over the past few years.

Laura's post was well timed, too, - it inspired me to write about these great stones.  I went on a bit of a druzy obsessed spree myself over the holidays. 

I bought one Laura's druzy rings at the Cherrywood Art Fair in December - a gift for my cousin who in Austin for a visit not too long ago. An avid climber, someone broke into my cousin's car and stole her stuff while she was hanging from a rock last summer.  She was really sad about losing her favorite brightly colored ring.  I saw this ring and thought it would be a great replacement - so my cousin is now sporting it regularly, and says it is a great conversation piece.

Photo credit: Kendra Scott
My daughter got a blue holiday druzy, too, this one from Austin based jeweler Kendra Scott.  It's my girl's favorite shade of blue, and she wears it often.

As happy as I am to buy jewelry as gifts, I am always on the lookout for my own goodies, too.  While shopping for other folks, I'd been eyeing this pair of Kendra Scott druzy dangles, which went on sale in I snapped them up. 

Unlike the ring, these Kendra Scott pieces are not natural stones, but cast to look like a druzy.  That's ok, they still look great, and in the case of the earrings, I love the metallic color (which is doesn't occur naturally).

Photo credit: Kendra Scott
Until next time - stay warm and sparkly.

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