Monday, July 10, 2017

07.10.17 Can I see some ID?

Our daughter (and youngest child) turned 21 the end of last year, right before she took her finals - which meant no real celebrating.

When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said "some Southwest drink coupons please, so I can have an adult beverage on the flight home".  I said "ok" and put some in her birthday card - and she toasted to the end of her semester at 30,000 feet.

Maybe it was that conversation that planted the seed in my brain that led to my series of "adult beverage" pendants...maybe not...but the theme has sort of taken on a life of its own...

First, there was the wine glass, which I liked so much I kept - and then decided to keep a pair of earrings because they match... came the margarita...

I bought this great amazonite heart, and to me it looked just like the color of that wonderful frozen concoction of lime and tequila - so I thought, that's what I'll put on the back!  It turned out great (and has since sold) - but I was definitely on a roll.

A few weeks later, while having dinner at Dai Due, one of our favorite spots in Austin, I had a fabulous summer shandy (beer mixed with orange juice, lemonade - or my favorite - grapefruit juice).  I'm not a huge beer drinker, but this was a wonderful grapefruit gose combined with fresh squeezed juice and it was amazing!  It was also inspiring - as I had been looking at some fossilized coral cabochons - which look like citrus slices.
I'm particularly proud of the Summer Shandy pendant because the saw work was tricky.  I wanted to leave just enough silver in the cut out to separate the glass and the fruit wedge - and I managed that - then I had to be very careful with torch to make sure I didn't melt it!

Next up a martini - using this great piece of rutilated quartz - because it turns out my daughter (who has become a student of cocktails) is a fan of a dry, dirty gin martini (as was Julia Child).

What ever your drink of choice - I hope you find time this summer to lift a glass, visit with friends, and enjoy.

Until next time.
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