Monday, August 17, 2015

08.17.15 Tiny bubbles...

When your father is a theoretical physicist, even something as seemingly simple as a soap bubble becomes a science lesson.  To this day - one of my earliest memories of learning from my dad was blowing bubbles, and his explanation of surface tension.

I still love bubbles - their ephemeral, iridescent beauty - like little floating jewels, always makes me smile.
When my husband and I got married, rather than having our guests toss rice or birdseed, we had them blow bubbles as we left the synagogue.  This picture, with the bubbles in the foreground as we got into our limousine, is probably my favorite out of the hundreds taken than evening.

When my kids were little, we spent countless hours outside blowing bubbles and watching the dog chase them, trying in vain to catch them.

So, you ask - why bubbles this week?  Well, it's summer - so why not - and it turns out bubbles have cropped up in my jewelry lately.

When I took Lorena Angulo's precious metal clay class at Creative Side a few weeks ago, one of the pieces I made was for my daughter; an Erlenmeyer flask pendant.  

Just plain, it wasn't quite right, so I added bubbles...and suddenly it had movement and personality!

Photo credit: Metalicious
I've also had my eye on a fabulous pair of bubble earrings in Stephanie Maslow's etsy shop - metalicious.  As good fortune would have it, Stephanie had a birthday sale, and I snapped up these fabulous earrings at 20% off!  I love them - and I find myself wearing them - a lot - because just putting them on makes me smile.

Sometimes, life moves so fast, we need to be reminded to step back and take a little smell the daisies...or blow some soap bubbles.

Until next time.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, I love bubbles, too! They make everyone smile. :-)