Monday, July 6, 2015

07.06.15 You meet the nicest people...

When I put up my first post, 6 months ago, I wasn't really sure where I was going with this blog.  I knew I wanted to do more writing - for myself as much as anyone - and that I needed a pretty serious distraction from the Texas Legislature while they were in session.

Iolite Sunflower from
Cecile Raley Designs
Thankfully, the Legislature went home a month ago (although we're still reeling), I've written over 15,000 words and my blog page has been viewed nearly 2,200 times.  I've also met or gotten to know (online, anyway) some of the nicest people.

"Seven" necklaces from Metalsgirl
First, there are the local Austin folks, some of whom I've known for a while - people like Laura Gibson of Metalsgirl, Christine Terrell of adaptive reUse, and the good folks at Eliza Page and Russell Korman.  Then there are others, like Courtney Gray and Wynn Bradford of Creative Side Jewelry Academy that I have worked with over the last few months. 

There are other folks who I haven't had the chance to meet in person, but have been sources of support and encouragement - answering my questions, reposting my blog and in some cases, providing me with an item of jewelry to write about.

Lost Wax Pendant made at
Creative Side Jewelry Academy
Among these are Cari Streeter of Jewelry by Cari, Peggy Li of Peggy Li Creations, Yvonne Raley of Cecile Raley Designs, and Stephanie Maslow-Blackman of Metalicious.

"Modern Rock" pendant from Metalicious
Then there are all of you - gentle readers - who have followed along, commented, pinned or posted.  You, most have all, have kept me on track and help me accountable (at least in my own mind) to write something new every week.

In order to do that, I've had to think and learn - and it has been so good for me and so much fun.  I've worn more different pieces of jewelry in the past six months than I have in years. I've made pieces - with my own hands - that I will enjoy for years to come; and perhaps most important, even when other things in my world weren't going as I hoped, I had this blog to write - about something I enjoy so much, and get to share with you.

 Until next time.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my necklace, I'm honored to be among such great talent! Including you! That lost wax pendant is gorgeous!